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pastortoddjpulliamAs the founder and Senior Pastor of Word Empowerment Zone Ministries, Pastor Todd J. Pulliam understands that man is a total being of spirit, soul, and body. With a desire to cater to the whole man, not just a single aspect, Pastor Pulliam is committed to using biblical principals to teach believers how they can live the abundant life both spiritually and naturally.

Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Pastor Pulliam was taught at an early age the power of the written and spoken Word of God. He recognized the call on his life to preach and prophesy to the nations at the age of 7. However, it wasn’t until the fall of 1990 that he answered the call and began preparing to walk in it. “As the years passed and I grew up, I attempted to go to school to practice law, but when the hand of God is on you, your life is not your own and eventually, you will do what God has planned,” states Pastor Pulliam.

Blessed with a unique ministry to reach and teach those in search of the Truth, Pastor Pulliam is the epitome of what it is to love people to life, by showing them the love of Christ. This uniqueness is shown in greatness through the diversity of the congregation that Pastor Pulliam oversees. Not withstanding his tremendous history of pioneering an all-white church in Huron County, Michigan. No respecter of persons, he has a heart for the soul of man, not the money of man, the car of man, the house of man or the job of man. “The Lord has given me a passion and love for His believers,” says Pastor Pulliam. “My love for people is what makes this ministry distinct. God has blessed me with an ability to see beyond a person’s physical appearance and appreciate their heart.” Pastor Pulliam is called to bring unity to the Body of Christ showcasing diversity amongst the believers.

Having studied to show himself approved, Pastor Pulliam attended Central Michigan University and William Tyndale College, is a graduate of Asher School of Business. a He has been married to his lovely wife of 22 years, Lady Michell Pulliam and they have been blessed with three beautiful children Kerington, Joel, and Blake, who also serve in the ministry.

Program Time: 9:45 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

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